The added value

In-house tool department
A team of 11 people, constantly trained with mechanical, electrical and electronic skills, support the engineering team by dealing with equipment, automation, maintenance and special tooling. Reducing the dependence upon external suppliers, Gamba can maintain control over delivery times.

Special tools
Special machining requires tools with tailored shapes. Gamba executes these tools internally to guarantee the perfect execution.

Gamba executes its own automation system to automatize production, assembly and in process quality control.

Technical advice
The long-standing experience supports customers to achieve their objectives of feasibility, accuracy, reliability and price. The department advises the most appropriate solutions including automation, dedicated equipment and special tools.

Sales support
Gamba provides its customers with assistance at every stage with the immediate response from the sales team with written confirmation.

Gamba reproduces technical draws to guarantee the anonymity during the production process.

Scheduling of deliveries
Every order can be managed with pre-arranged lots and a delivery schedule, up to one year, in order to reconcile costeffectiveness, flexibility and punctuality.