Material AISI 630
Hole diameter 30 x 200 mm
Lapping ra 0,05
Material alloy steel hardened and grinded
Diameter up to 70 mm
Hydraulic industry
Material 100Cr6 hardened 56 HRC
Dimension 50 mm
Grinding with roundness 2 µ
Material AISI 440
Diameter 200 mm
Surfaces are hardened and then grinded
Material etg 88
Diameter 70 x 200 mm
Grinding H4 and roundness 3 µ
Shaft for electrospindle
Hot assembly and then grinded
Machine tools industry
Grinding and honing

The grinding department has 17 machines of different types and is equipped with adequate instrumentation, including a motorized roundness measurement instrument, for the production of components with tolerances of even a few thousandths. The fleet includes:

  • 4 external or external/internal CNC grinding machines
  • 2 external hydraulic grinding machines with in-process electronic measuring head
  • 2 manual external grinding machines for small size components
  • 5 centerless (plunge and througt feed)
  • 2 hydraulic tangential grinding machines
  • 1 CNC vertical honing machine
  • 1 horizontal honing machine


A 40-year journey in search of solutions for more complex processes has allowed us to acquire the technical and metrological skills to create and control components with geometric and dimensional tolerances of a few thousandths and roughnesses up to Rt lower than 1 µ.

The equipment of machines for round grinding includes CN grinding, hydraulic grinding with process control, lathes equipped for hard turning.

Honing and lapping of holes
CNC technology allows to manage a wide range of machining operations with holes from 12 to 120 m, even with significant material removal, to obtain very close tolerances respecting the geometry of the component. At the same time in the finishing operations, the high sensitivity of the CNC makes it possible to create finishes with values ​​of Rt < 1 µ or Ra < 0.05 µ.
Horizontal honing machine is suitable for honing and lapping holes from 4 to 20 mm with values ​​of Rt < 2 µ or Ra < 0.1 µ.


Product handling
The conformity of the finished product does not depend only on the processing.
The logistics of the semi finished parts are managed with the appropriate precautions.
Specific supports are developed to guarantee integrity during internal handling and transport, when required.


Quality check
The skills of quality control have developed parallel to production in order to guarantee the necessary support
The fleet of instruments was completed with a motorized roundness tester and with a large equipment of high precision instrumentation, including optical measuring machines, probes and electronic measuring heads and now also with a high precision 3D scan.


Internal External Grinding

Centerless Grinding


Tangential grinding