Material AISI 630
Hole diameter 30 x 200 mm
Lapping ra 0,05
Material alloy steel hardened and grinded
Diameter up to 70 mm
Hydraulic industry
Material 100Cr6 hardened 56 HRC
Dimension 50 mm
Grinding with roundness 2 ยต
Material AISI 440
Diameter 200 mm
Surfaces are hardened and then grinded
Grinding and lapping

The grinding department has 17 different kinds of machinery among which a motorized roundness tester is used to make components with tolerances of even a few thousandths millimeters. The fleet includes:

  • 4 exterior or interior/exterior CNC grindings
  • 2 exterior hydraulic grindings with electronic meter in process
  • 2 manual exterior grindings for small size components
  • 5 grindings centerless (plunge and thrufeed)
  • 2 hydraulic tangential grindings
  • 1 CNC vertical lapper
  • 1 horizontal lapper