More complex machining with the new MAR grinding machine


Gamba looks for new solutions to improve precise and efficient processing. That’s why we are the early adopter of the new generation of MAR MCR grinding machines. A machine that impressed for the solutions adopted.

MCR is a modular cylindrical grinding machine for external and / or internal diameters with a moving table, suitable for machining pieces up to 250 mm. in length and a rotating diameter of 250 mm. 
It has a base made of natural granite produced in Italy with the most precise processes that are also used for the creation of the check benches. This base has only three leveling points that allow it to be positioned on any type of flooring to ensure that stability that ensures maximum precision during processing.

Plane-prismatic sliding of the table is also created directly on the granite surface, with the interposition of anti-friction material to limit friction. The wheel-holder carriages also slide on this support surface, equipped with linear guides with roller recirculating shoes and controlled by pressurized absolute optical lines.

The arrangement of the axes provides for a different set-up for each single tool to optimize processes and speed up machining in order to offer a machine with very high performance. Each linear movement is, in fact, ideally aligned with the machining to be carried out, thus reducing the time of movement of the grinding wheel. These optimizations are also possible thanks to advanced control systems that allow the mechanics of the grinding machine to work at its best.


New CNC vertical lapping machine

With a view to continuously expanding the range of processes, Gamba has inserted a CNC vertical lapping machine for cylinders Car PE500.