A high trained and experienced team is essential when providing components that have geometric and dimensional tolerances of few thousandths of millimeters.

A wide range of measurement equipment and monitoring process assist the department:

  • Optical and contact measuring machines
  • Roundness tester
  • About 500 manual tools
  • About 1,000 threaded gauges
  • About 3,000 tampons, gauges and dimes

The quality system has been certified since 1993 and updated to ISO 9001:2015 (Intertek No. 0614396-00).

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Gamba continually renews its fleet of tools to improve the control of tighter tolerances. The new Exagon Global Chrome 10.7.10 equipped with a Leitz passive probe for greater precision and Quindos software to make the most of the potential has recently entered into operation. These equipments also allow the control of high precision ground components while simultaneously providing the measurement of diameters, geometric errors (roundness, cylindricity and perpendicularity) and profiles.

Control in process
Gamba ha “in process” quality control. When required a special monitoring system up to 100% can be implemented. It is supported by digital instruments and automation systems to monitor and certify the process parameters.


Roundness tester

Optical measuring machine


Special packaging

Handling solutions