Material alloy steel hardened and grinded
Diameter up to 70 mm
Hydraulic industry
Material 100Cr6 hardened 56 HRC
Dimension 50 mm
Grinding with roundness 2 µ
Material Ergal
Diameter 60 mm
Textile machinery industry
Material high speed steel
Diameter 44 mm
Textile machinery industry
Material etg 88
Diameter 70 x 200 mm
Grinding H4 and roundness 3 µ
CNC turning
  • 12 CNC fixed headstock bar lathes - size up to-65 mm
  • 4 CNC lathes for secondary operations - size up to 150 mm
  • 7 CNC lathes – size up to 280 mm
  • 2 CNC lathes with hard turning equipment and automatic loading
Precision small parts

Traditional activity for size up to 25 mm and sliding headstock type:

  • 4 CNC lathes
  • 70 authomatic bar lathes


CNC turning
It produces bigger size parts with more complexity, hard materials, higher precision.
Production lots are spanning from few dozens to thousands of units and is completed by milling, termic treatments and grinding.


Precision small parts
Common materials are processed in bigger lots thanks to the high productivity of sliding headstock type bar lathes.
High precision is guaranteed by the support of in-house tool department.
A big portion of machines is equipped with secondary operation tools.
Transfer machines with electro-pneumatic loading systems complete complex productions.


CNC Finishing lathes

CNC Finishing lathes with double spindle


CNC bar lathes

CNC sliding headstock type bar lathes


Automatic lathes